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Talk to Australia's leading network architecture experts to design you the perfect voice, data or cloud communication solution and give your business the edge it needs to communicate smarter and more cost-effectively.
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Tailored communication networks, cost effective data connections or complex MPLS/VPN networks. We are seriously good at networks. Seriously. No Encoo designed MPLS/VPN network is the same. We access Australia’s largest carrier networks to meet your specific requirements.


We do phones. Lots of phones. Business grade phones and phone plans for call centres, for enterprise, for SMB and SME. Phones are where we began. We know phones.


Everyone wants to move to the cloud. Encoo does the plumbing as part of a broader networked solution or a direct line for a specific purpose. We provide direct cloud connection to the big cloud providers.

One size doesn’t fit all. We recognise that flexibility in technology and communications is fundamental to success. Let us provide the ‘edge’ your business needs to network and perform at its peak.

Why we should be building your network


Here’s six to start with. We have many more we could list here, but in reality these are what set us apart from other similar providers and we feel we do better than most.

Our customer focus

We pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships. At Encoo we look to understand your business and communication needs and partner with you to achieve your goals. We thrive on our customers satisfaction and success.

Forward thinking

The global technology industry is ever-evolving and we are at the forefront of understanding the latest developments and products. We educate our customers with options that will best suit their business.

Problem Solving

Encoo recognises each business is unique. Problem solving and flexibility is at the core of what we do. Our solutions are highly customisable and we will ensure that the needs of your business are satisfied.

Expert advice

Looking for a knowledgeable partner to take your idea to the next level? Our highly skilled experts will work alongside you taking the complexity out of development and helping you achieve success.


Communications are fundamental to business but shouldn’t be weighing down your operational expenditure. Encoo’s solutions are superior quality, highly customisable and cost-effective. We will determine the best-fit for your needs.

Outstanding Support

Encoo provides local and friendly support. Our team members are highly skilled and understand communications inside and out. Our quick, reliable support service will ensure your business downtime is at a minimum.

We are passionate technology and communications experts. We operate in a ultra-competitive, transactional, industry with price-prohibitive customisation. This is the product. One size fits all. Change costs! We see today’s big players in our space pushing ‘one size fits all’ ad nauseam. Here at Encoo, we recognise the need for greater flexibility. We are committed to pragmatic, highly customised, cost-effective solutions. We sit on the edge of technology innovation. Innovation is fun. We pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships, always looking to understand changes in our customers’ business’. Our goal is to help find you ‘an edge’ that delivers better business performance.

Industries who’ve now got the edge


Across Australia clients across the following industries are now seeing how shifting to a more nimble and accountable communications provider is paying big dividends. While the communications industry finds us as one of the best wholesalers to source telephony products. Here’s the breakdown of industries using our service.


Schools, Universities, Childcare Centres


Home Builders, Display Villages, Shopping Centres


Lawyers , Accountants, Architects, IT Services


Hospitals, Health Services, Private Practice


Retail communications providers


Brokers, Financial Planners, Wealth Management Providers




noun: – a quality or factor which gives advantage over close rivals



We want to provide solutions. The best way to help us deliver for you is to challenge our thinking and abilities.


Contact us now using our enquiry form or give us a call on…

1300 142 350


We’ll help find and deliver you ‘the communication edge’ you need to work smarter and more cost-effectively.