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We are passionate 


Here at Encoo Communications we are many things:
We are Passionate

We don’t work half-heartedly. We are in business because we want to be, not because it’s our job. We rise out of bed in the morning
because we relish and endeavour to help our Edge Partners solve problems and grow their businesses – above & beyond all expectations.

We are focussed

It’s easy to get distracted from daily tasks with minor issues that don’t really matter. All of a sudden a quick ten minute job takes three days. Not at Encoo. We prioritise tasks based on impacts to both our Edge Partners and Encoo, then focus efforts on
delivering the best outcome possible for Edge Partners.

We are innovative

In telecommunications it’s critical to stay two steps ahead. We ensure we achieve this by always looking for new opportunities, thinking
creatively and looking to solve problems using alternate perspectives. Being innovative allows us to stay ahead of competitors and
provide technical leadership to Edge Partners.

We are transparent

Being transparent makes both Encoos’ and our Edge Partners lives easier. It gives us the ability to do business with people that have nothing to hide, resulting in genuine partnerships that deliver results that often exceed the expectations of both parties.

We are relentless

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Not everything works the first time and not all issues are resolved immediately, however we won’t give up until we find a way!

We own it

The blame game is not something we play. If there is an issue to be resolved we take responsibility and follow it through to resolution. 
We are loyal to our Edge Partners and colleagues, operating with an integrity that demonstrates we are accountable for our actions.

We are family

Whether dealing with partners, carriers or anyone in between, we treat others as we would like to be treated. Inevitably there will be times when we don’t meet to eye to eye, however we are always looking at the bigger picture. It ensures everyone we deal with enjoys the engagement. Having fun is paramount to what we do and we want anyone that has a relationship with Encoo to feel a sense of belonging to our Encoo family.

And ultimately, we're here to find the edge in telecommunication solutions

Following and benchmarking ourselves against these core values in everything we do provides us with an edge when offering best of breed products, services and telecommunication solutions to Edge Partners. If your business is looking for an edge in the way you provide telecommunication solutions, talk with us today.


We’re confident you’ll quickly discover how our values, people and the way we do business can greatly assist yours.

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