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Welcoming in a new way of working.

Encoo's committed to its channel partners

Here at Encoo, in response to the Victoria Health Departments legislation, we implemented our required work from home plan early, to ensure the safety of all our staff and the continuity of our services and support for our Edge Partners. This was enacted with great success and we experienced minimal disruption to our support & provisioning services during the transition period as you’d be aware.

However, the biggest concern we experienced, resulting from feedback from Edge Partners and ourselves, was the step we had to take into the unknown. The uncertainty that comes with such upheaval and the constantly changing environment we were experiencing was always going to test staff and systems.

Encoo is always striving to ensure our Support & Provisioning teams meet and exceed Edge Partner expectations. We've made it clear to our operation, this needs to continue and be aimed for during these uncertain times. Although we asked for patience and understanding at times, as many of the factors that influenced our ability to perform were taken out of our control (as they can be dictated by suppliers and the vendors we engage) we were pleased to learn our strong capabilities set stood tall. In more cases than less, thanks to Edge Partner’s support through this period, the true concept of partnership came to the fore and collectively we moved tasks through to solution stage effectively and without great disruption.

As an observation we can report many of our Edge Partners have been assisting clients with their BCP’s and we’ve made our engineers and support staff available to assist whenever possible, to ensure as partners we are providing the most appropriate and effective options in light of the ever-changing landscape.

The current environment is still ever changing, and what may be of importance and relevant now, may be impractical by tomorrow afternoon. As such, Encoo’s ability to be agile and adjust according to the changing requirements of Edge Partner clients, will be how we can serve you best during these challenging times.

To be clear on this, our staff are always here to provide assistance, so please reach out with questions, requests for information as required, as this will be how we can provide you the communications ‘Edge’ we are so proud of delivering.

Please contact us on 1300 142 350 or send us an email via our contact from on our website if you require assistance.

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