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Enhance your Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capabilities with our new Fortinet based solution

Encoo understands the importance of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) and the value it offers in identifying, reporting and enabling of network fixes and application performance. This tool is a must have in today’s world of perfecting user experience.

Our new Encoo Fortinet DEM Tool provides a digital experience visibility solution you can use to assist your clients in identifying users IT issues. Identifying these issues can lead to improved IT efficiencies and less frustration for users – ultimately improving operational productivity and performance.

A good DEM tool provides a user-centric view of what is actually transpiring. This answers questions such as:

  • How is the end-point performing?

  • What applications are in use and how are they performing?

  • What does the underlying network path look like?

  • How are the SaaS applications performing?

  • Isolate problems affecting performance, starting with: Is it the end user device, the network, the application?

This newly engineered product solution:

  • Meets the requirements of what Sinefa's DEM currently offers

  • Offers future-proofing where the device can become the router

  • Additional security available via Fortinet

  • C-level reporting/compliance

  • 1300 templated reports included

  • Additional customisable reports

  • Support, trust and reliability of Fortinet products

  • Get in front of your clients now to ensure they are protected and not turned off

Our work in conjunction with Fortinet creating this tool offers a solution that provides scalability and enhanced reporting functionality - and is yet another example of bringing our partners an edge in network communication solutions.

For specific information about this solution please download our technical solution sheet.

Encoo Fortinet DEM Solution
Download PDF • 782KB

If you'd like to discuss or learn more about this DEM Tool please contact us on 1300 142 350 or send us an email via our contact form on our website.

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