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For faster and more cost-effective data driven communication services we can give your business 'the edge' it needs to be more competitive and communicate seamlessly. Get the Encoo data edge today!
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Data networks built for you

With access to Australia’s largest carrier networks, we’ve got all your data needs covered.

Speed comparisons – Data upload & downloads

Internet data speeds vary depending on the type of connection you choose, your location, and distance to your nearest exchange. With access to the major Australian carriers, Encoo will give you a recommendation that is cost-effective and will allow you to grow.

Typical Usage by Activities

Typical Comparison of Download Speed

e-Mail (50/day) – 0.05GB0%

Music/App/Games (1 hour) 1.5GB0%

HD Movies (1 movie) 2GB0%

Web Browsing (100 pages) 2.93GB0%

Video/Movie (1 hour) 18GB0%



Wireless (Encoo Tower/4G)0%



Concurrent VoIP Calls


Concurrent VoIP Calls


Concurrent VoIP Calls

Additional Services

Managed Firewalls

Encoo can provide a complete, end-to-end Managed Firewall solution. No more day-to-day management, upgrades, patches, system changes and other administrative tasks. Our Managed Firewall provides you with real-time monitoring giving your business around the clock protection against the increasing threat of network intrusions.

Fixed Wireless Solutions

Having trouble getting a cost-effective, business grade internet connection? Encoo now offers Fixed Wireless Network Services, including internet access, voice services and private tunnels in some areas.

Data & Voice Service Level Agreements

To understand in more depth how Encoo can assist you with your communications needs please download our service level agreements.

Data SLA

Voice SLA

For further information on our data services please contact a member of the Encoo team on 1300 142 350

Critical Information Summary (Voice)

1300 / 1800 Numbers

Standard PBX

Critical Information Summary (Data)